Something secondhand and broken, still can make a pretty sound.

Hello! I'm Rissi.
First of all, please excuse the username; I've had this LJ account since I was 15 years old... almost 10 years now, whoa.

I only sporadically come on here every once in a while, but since I don't really use Tumblr or Twitter anymore, I'm slowly making my way back to LJ despite its... issues...

I'm a college student also working part time who spends much of her time watching movies, Asian dramas, and anime. I'm a cat lady, but I also adore ferrets. Recently, I've gotten into reading. I'm straight and cisgender, but I am a huge supporter of LGBT+ rights. I tend to avoid anyone who hates entire groups of people, for whatever reason. Negativity? I'm too old for that shit.

I know nobody really uses LJ much anymore, especially after it's been... sold off, to say the least, but I want to try keeping mine active as I have some memories on here. I'd also like to make memories again, but it seems impossible to do nowadays.